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Talk To Me About My Gross Cuticles

I love my hands. They are wonderful and magical and can do many things. What they are not, however, is pretty. My cuticles are disgusting and dry and peel-y and gross.

How to fix, HiveMind? Here are some relevant details:

1. My job deals with messy, powdery and/or sticky substances. I have to wash my hands a lot, but I can't then put on lotion of any kind because things would stick to me. Dry hands are actually a benefit in this situation.


2. Gloves are not an option because the boys won't buy them for me and I'm not going to buy them for myself, plus i hate gloves of all types because then I can't really feel what I'm doing which leads to me dropping things.

3. I'm not super-girly so regular manicures is really a lot to ask. I can't even be bothered to get my hair cut, despite the fact that it started out looking like Tilda Swinton's hair and now we are somewhere in the neighborhood of Matt Smith (with a brief but cute stop at David Tennant). I expect to enter the Emo Phillips stage any day now, so thank Jeebus it's Hat Season. All of which is to say: I'm not a regular salon goer, nor will I ever be.

4. As far as doing nail maintenance at home, forget it. I'm just not made that way.

Which leaves me to wonder: is there something I can eat or a supplement I can take that will help? I do take a multivitamin (despite The Science trying to tell me that it's unnecessary), but is there something else I can do to help my poor wittle handsies? What do You People do?


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