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Welcome To The Bitchery

Talk to me about Smart TVs (edited)

EDIT: You guys are once again the best. I'm going to give Chromecast a try as it's cheap enough to try before committing more money to something like a tv. Plus if it works I can take one of my mum's old tvs and donate or sell (very cheaply) my current old ones.

I'm sick of watching all my tv and sport on my laptop. I've saved a lot over the last few months and will definitely have a job for the foreseeable future so I've decided to buy myself a smart tv and I know at least EisenBosan has one so I wish for you to talk to me of them. Any tips you have are welcome.


I plan to spend about £150 on one ($225) and only need a 24 inch as my sofa sits quite close to my telly and I've never seen the need in going extremely large.

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