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Talk to me about the Instant Pot (OT)

I’m sure we’ve discussed this elsewhere but I’m thinking about buying an instant pot. I am a good cook, but a very lazy one and I don’t like keeping tons of ingredients on hand, doing a lot of prep work, or having a lot to clean up. But I also would like to eat less processed food/frozen pizza and make more food that would have leftovers I could bring to work for lunch. So I’m thinking about an Instant Pot, but I’m a little scared because most of the recipes I’ve seen for it have a ton of ingredients and don’t actually seem that easy for a lazy cook. I think I’d use it for stews, maybe pasta, stuff like that. I’m thinking of getting the 3qt one, which seems like it’d make enough food for one person to have 2 meals (I don’t want a ton of leftovers). Lazy cooks of GT, what do you think? If I get one, do you have any advice for me?

And here’s a cat pic for your troubles. Did you know that an 80" couch can comfortably hold three adult humans, or one 7-lb cat who won’t share?

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