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Talk to me about The Time Between on Netflix /OT

You guys, it’s fabulous. I’m on episode 8 and I’m in love and I also have a lot of thoughts and many (but not all) of those thoughts were captured beautifully by Mallory Ortberg in this Toast piece. Its about a Spanish dressmaker in civil war era Spain and Morocco who ends up spying on the Nazis. There is a ton of amazing 30s era fashion, scenery porn, and staring moodily into the middle distance.

Thoughts I really need to share

(Minor spoilers)

1. Sira is ultimately useless right? Like even after she becomes a bad ass spy, she is still somehow pretty useless.


2. Fully agree with Mallory on this point: I don’t care who you are. EVERYONE should know better than to fall in love with a guy with that calibre of eyebrows. Those are the eyebrows of a Spanish soap villain. Of course he then turned out to be a cad who took your money. That’s just negligence on your part.

3. Candelaria rocks, and is the best character in the series.

4. Am I being over sensitive or is the portrayal of Jamila wierdly, slightly racist? Like, for the amount of screen time she gets, it feels like she has no inner life somehow. Except shes loyal to Sira and invested in Sira’s victories, because Sira is a Good Person(tm) who treats her employees with respect, and loves everyone and blah blah vomitsauce.

5. I’m rooting for a prequel series staring Jamila and Candelaria, where they team up to launch Candelaria’s smuggling business.

6. I went down a Wikipedia rabbit hole researching a “frog pregnancy test.” Did everyone else know that they used to test for pregnancy by injecting urine into a frog? That’s crazy, right?


7. SIRA’S FAKE SPY NAME!!!!! When she gets sent in as a spy, she is given a fake name by British intelligence.

And that name is....her name. With an h added. And then spelled backwards.

Her real name is Sira Quiroga. And she is introducing herself to all these Nazis as “Arish Agoriuq.” i nearly fell off the couch laughing. And all these nazis are all, hey that’s a pretty name! No, not wierd at all...


8. Speaking of Nazis, for a show that’s allegedly about them, they sure took their own sweet time introducing any. My roommates were starting to get mad at me, because I would delightly shout “Nazi!” everytime someone with a German accent or a uniform was introduced.

Tell me your thoughts. Or, on the off chance you have something MORE IMPORTANT to talk about, that’s okay too.

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