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Talk to me about traveling alone

I promised myself that I'd take a good trip this summer before I start back up at school again. Unfortunately, I have yet to fulfill this promise. I thought I could plan something with my boyfriend, but he doesn't put any effort into planning a trip and it's bugging me. So I've decided that maybe I should just take initiative and make my own plans, and if he is interested, he is more than welcome to come along. I have a particular American city (I live in the US) in mind that I'd like to visit and that I can find decently priced airfare and hotel room for. I've never been to this city and don't know anyone who lives there. Regardless of whether my boyfriend will want to come with me or not, I want to do something different and take this trip. But I've never really taken a few-days trip to a city by myself without knowing anyone there (well...not true, I went and stayed in Pittsburgh overnight at a hotel for a grad school interview, but that was only one night).

So please tell me about your experiences and/or any tips you have. It's not like I'd be going out of the country, but I'm feeling a bit nervous about potentially traveling by myself as a young woman (I'm 22). But also—I'm excited! It'll be something new and different and fun and challenging, even.


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