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Talked to Mom About Kitty

This kitty, who is still chillin in the carrier.

Ok, so, we're not going to keep her. We don't have the money to take care of another cat right now (shots and everything) but more than that, we don't have the space. We'd probably have to keep her and Siren separate at times, at least in the beginning, and we really don't have the space to do that right now.


So what we're going to do is call my vet when he opens and explain the situation. My vet always, always takes in strays, vaccinates them and everything, and then puts them up for adoption (or keeps them as office pets!). At the very least, we could potentially take her in to get scanned for a microchip. Hopefully, the vet will take her.

If not, then I have no idea. I also haven't slept yet (and I'm still sick) so I can't think straight.

I am happy to report, however, that kitten loves the pets and especially belly rubs!!

But regardless, we're not putting her back outside. We're finding her a home somehow, someway. She's a sweetheart and deserves a good home. If circumstances were different, we'd keep her but things are just too hard right now unfortunately.

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