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talking about my hair embarrassment

I have a date with the hair salon tomorrow and I’m so embarrassed by the state of my hair. I’m trying to convince myself not to chop off a hunk of it in hope it will look less bad to the stylist.

Background: I’ve been a very successful box-dye blonde for years now, but on a random whim a few weeks ago, I decided to go reddish brown. Now the top of my head is red, most of the length is mousy brown, and my hair is fried. And it’s shoulder-length. [Eta- it was all red at first but slowly faded.]. I’m used to having a pixie, but I was trying to grow it out. I’ll most likely be getting a pixie tomorrow. I’d like to keep as much length as possible... but I did some damage with the red hair dye. I regret it so much. My hair looks so bad, y’all. Maybe I’ll leave a pic in the comments.


And yeah, after my haircut, I’m going to dye it. :-/ I just want it all to be the same color!

Can you tell me stories of when you were embarrassed to go to the salon? Tell me the stylist has seen worse? Just don’t tell me I’m stupid for trying to be a self-dyed red head. I’ve already figured that out.

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