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Talking about my job

This ties in with paranoid_shiksa_feminista's earlier post about people trolling her, telling her saying that people who work at non-profits should feel lucky to have jobs in their field—when the truth is, even dream jobs involve a lot of work and hassle.


I do love my job and I don't mind talking about it to my friends or even to people I know. I like talking about how my day went, what's going on, where I'm going next, etc. It's part of my favorite subject (me!)...however, I'm not always in the mood to talk about it with strangers. I'm not always in the mood to be asked the same questions over and over to be told how cool it is and how lucky I am. Especially in situations where I'm trapped, like at the bank.

I do get it. My job is very exotic. Most people have never met a professional acrobat and it's really interesting. I know that even though everyone asks the same questions, it's new information to them. I try to be as accommodating as possible (a lot of times, when I don't want to deal with it—like on planes—I just lie and say that I'm unemployed or that I deliver pizzas). I have a few polite pat answers, but the lady at the bank today just could not take a hint. I have a good relationship with the regular tellers since I'm there a lot but this lady was a trainee and the other tellers had gone to the back to count my money so I was trapped.I had been working for days straight, I was exhausted, I'm in the middle of preparing to go on the road and go on tour and I just wasn't in the mood go into the origin story. I gave shorter and shorter answers and kept looking at my phone (I know, very passive, but sometimes being a little rude is better than being really rude). The whole thing was excruciating.


I am very grateful for the things I have, the places I've been able to go and the things I can do physically—it's really fucking cool. I know that most people will not have the chance to do half the things I've been able to do. A lot of people tell me they wish they could have my job but what they're really wishing for is the things they can see from the outside looking in. They want to be able to set their own schedule, to travel, to be able to do cool tricks, and of course, the glory. They're not wishing for the years of struggle, the hundreds and hundreds of hours of practice, the aches and pains, the insecurity, the failure and rejection.

Sometimes, I just want to make a deposit, you know?

Addendum: I've often thought about just making a teeshirt for when I'm juggling in public that says:

1) 14 years

2)my cousins taught me

3) 7balls in practice, 5 on stage

4)yes, you can make a living at it

5)this is my only job

6)I have worked for that famous circus company, but it was a small role for their corporate events division


7)No, I don't want to be on America's Got Talent

8) yes fire

9)Yes knives

10)No chainsaws.

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