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For a while now, my guts have been giving me grief. Gas, cramping, the runs, just pretty much constant unpleasantness. I complained about it to my creepy gastroenterologist months ago, and he told me there was nothing wrong with me other than stress.

Well, I'm really not very stressed out now, and it is still bad. But before I go to another gastroenterologist, I am going to try going back on this medication I used to take. It's a powder you mix into liquid and drink before meals. It's supposed to bind to the bile in your digestive tract and that can reduce cramping and diarrhea. (I had excess bile after my gall bladder was removed). I stopped taking it a while ago because it didn't seem to be helping and it's pretty unpleasant. But I'm going to go back on it for a week or two to see whether it makes a difference so that if I go to the other gastroenterologist, I can definitely tell her whether that is or isn't part of the problem.


I would really like to get this problem sorted out. My diet is pretty unhealthy because fruits and vegetables seem to go through me like water, so I avoid them. I never was a huge fruit and vegetable eater, but I certainly ate them regularly. Now I hardly eat them at all, and I can't imagine that's good for me.

The gastroenterologist I plan to switch to is a very good one, and a nice woman, but kind of fat shamey. However, my psychiatrist also goes to her, and he even spoke to her about me and told her that he was working with me on my weight issues and basically told her to leave it alone. (He's such a nice guy). So I'm hoping she will cooperate.


I'm tired of running back and forth to the bathroom. I'm tired of my guts cramping up. I'm tired of my rear being sore from cleaning it. I have to take care of this. It's not stress (though at this point, THIS is stressing me out). I guess on the plus side it lets me empathize with my husband with his Crohn's disease. But that's really the only plus side.

I know this subject is kind of icky, but thanks for letting me vent. Feel free to share your chronic illness stories.

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