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Talking to a Debbie Downer (or maybe a Realist Renee?)

So I'm at a point in which I'm deciding on which dental school to go to. Today, I talked with a family friend's daughter who graduated from one of the schools I'm choosing between. I know she's a Debbie Downer, but she made school sound absolutely so miserable. But the thing that she said that made me saddest was that if I'm in a relationship right now, it probably won't work out once I'm in school. She said I won't have time for a relationship, and she's seen many breakups and even divorces occur while you're in school because school is your absolute life.

I take most things she says with a grain of salt. There are other factors besides school and stress that lead to breakups. But I'm just super upset right now about the prospect of a failing relationship or even worse—not having time for my current relationship. Why'd she have to go and make it all sound so depressing? :(


Sigh. But you know, if my relationship is meant to last, it will last regardless of school or not. My relationship is already kinda long-distance. I only see him on weekends, and it's been like this for 7-8 months. Plus, I'm not moving far. Both of the schools I'm deciding between are in my nearby city. And I'm sure my boyfriend wouldn't mind living together in the city.

Anyway, gah, I don't want to think about the negatives of dental school, and I'd like to think that I can still have a social and romantic life. I guess it just all comes down to the person.

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