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So I love Yung Iroh, right? But the #1 thing that gets on my nerves is that I wish he were more literate in terms of social justice. I don’t want to date an activist- I’m more than happy enough to be with someone who is chill and cool and backs up my angry social justice rants. And he’s there with me on a lot of gender, sexuality, and race stuff. BUT. sometimes he says ignorant stuff that I have to call him out on. Trans things in particular.

I’ve tried to explain why he can’t say this or that even if he’s trying to be ironic, and what the difference is between A and B and C, and why XYZ in media directly influences the health and safety of trans people. But sometimes I can’t figure out how to explain things in ways he will understand and I don’t always feel like getting into it with him. So today I told him I’m giving him some literature. This way he’s at least primed for discussions when they come up.


Does anyone have any 101 level resources they’ve found helpful? And any tips for talking to people about privilege and oppression?

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