I know a lot of us post about when awful things happen in the news/ when terrible laws might go into effect. But do we try to change anything? Spreading the word and keeping ourselves and others informed on important issues is awesome, but can we do more?

I'm not going to lie, i don't do that much. I sign Moveon.org petitions like this one.

I don't have a lot of power, but i have my signature that might be able to help someone, to change some awful law.. so i do it. Even if the petitions overload my email, i read each one and sign them accordingly. I know it's almost nothing, but it's something. It's what i can do from home.

Is there anything that you guys are passionate about, raising petitions, fundraisers or donating? Or are you jaded/ giving up hope on trying to make change?

P.s. sign that petition if you can, it's an important one.