Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I’ve had the damndest time finding boots. I can get away with an 11 in flip flops and sandals but here in nor cal we’ve finally reached the time of year for...something other than sandals and flip flops. I tried buying some boots at amazon in 11, but they were too small. And everyone else seems to top out at 10 or 11. I tried 12s at the local Nordstrom rack and they were perfect. But I didn’t like them. Too many damned buckles.

I’ve been searching online for two months and...nothing.

Yesterday, I thought to download the Nordstrom rack app and search. And...FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE pairs of shoes and boots in size 12. I ate ice cream and drank tequila while browsing them. This experience slides in at number 2 right behind the best sex I ever had.


I ordered 10 pairs of shoes and boots. They probably won’t all fit and I probably won’t love all the ones that do, but I found 10 pairs of shoes and boots in my size.

Also, ice cream and tequila.

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