Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Well as everyone knows she cohosted the 9am hour of Today Show on NBC and 11am anchoring on MSNBC. She is fantastic anchor.

Well she left. Why? NBC as you all know hired Megyn Kelly. Well guess who is taking the 9am hour? Not the cohost they had for years and excellent anchor Tamron Hall. Nope NBC dumped Tamron for Kelly which will start next Fall.

Why should Tamron keep the seat warm for Kelly until the Fall? Good for Tamron Hall leaving on her own terms without hearing essentially “good job Tamron now be a good girl get up and give your seat to Megyn Kelly”.


I assume Chris Jansing will take her place on MSNBC since she was there today. MSNBC should do a three anchor morning show like they did over 15 years ago in the afternoon. With the hosts being Stephanie Ruhle, Hallie Jackson and Chris Jansing. They are doing one hour shows so combine it.

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