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TamTams Loves: Momentum Dashboard

I got my computer fixed recently and the nice fella who fixed it noticed that I had a simple dashboard extension for Chrome that showed the weather, the time, whatever else. He took it a step further and installed Momentum for me.

I am hooked. The backgrounds are rotating photos of spectacular vistas from around the world. Today’s is from the Himalayas.


Example of a different image from another website that did a review:

You can customize the screen to include or eliminate whatever you like (except the clock and the greeting, I think those are mainstays):


I usually create a short list of reminders in the todo list on the right and then tuck it away so I have a more uninterrupted view. I open the todo list periodically and check things off. The list doesn’t erase it’s contents when you hide it, it just disappears and reappears as you like.


Overall, I think it’s a lovely extension with practical applications for day-to-day use.

What’s something you guys are loving today?

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