Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Tapeworm, or baby?

Or.... I am hungry all the damn time and also I am eating so friggin much AND I have gained way too much weight this pregnancy. Move along if you’ve heard quite enough from me and my pregnancy. Sorry bout that.

They say in late pregnancy it’s harder to eat because of pressure from the baby. Nope. I have literally never eaten so much in my life, even counting those times I had pot brownies (not while pregnant, FYI..a long time ago). I could just keep eating and eating and eating and eating. It’s obnoxious.


The midwives haven’t made a big deal out of it at all, but I have gained too much weight, I don’t even know by how much. Last time I was at the birth center she just said yup you’re out of the range but that’s fine.

I’m due Thursday so .... like I’m really late in pregnancy and eating for twenty. Oops

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