Anyone else disappointed that Target is pulling out of Canada? And well, so many other retailers.

I get that Target didn't do their research and had no idea how to function in a Canadian market, but I loved that store. It had everything and their holiday section was amazing. You could always get holiday anything. Holiday hand towel, bathmats, literally anything holiday themed. Holiday blankets! Holiday everything!

If I needed coffee, Lego, tampons, pet food and a rug, BOOM. ONE trip and I was done. It was slightly cleaner than walmart and a little better quality (not in everything, walmart makes good wallpaper.)


No more Target exclusive toys...... fuck.

I heard about how people didn't care for the empty shelves, I didn't mind it, because right away I knew the product I wanted was gone, there wasn't that "ohh let's look at every shelf in case they fucking moved it to make the shelf look full."

And Mexx. If I needed a dress, I'd be able to get something nice at Mexx.

I realize it's a stupid thing to be annoyed about, but damn Target, do your research.