I have the uncomfortable feeling that I just watched a concerted effort by Target employees to follow a group of young black men around the store.

I was walking from one corner to the registers and the employee in front of me gave me an odd feeling. She was walking at a pace like she had something to do, but would duck into aisles to fuss with endcaps and things. Then I looked up and saw at a distance ahead of us three or four black kids, probably aged 18-20, pushing a cart. I realized the employees pace kept her a constant distance from them. And she kept calling on the radio to coworkers to see who was coming off break. Once I heard her mention "follow a little longer".

Eventually she ducked into an aisle when another employee was coming our way. The boys had joined a line at the register and the new employee said "Abort!" and everyone went their merry ways.

I could have been imagining this through paranoia (doubtful, I think). There could have been a good reason for why they were being followed; I remember having notorious shoplifters followed at an old job. But there's also a chance that they were followed simply because they were young, black men.

I don't know what to think.