Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

What sort of polite lies do you tell someone who has clearly worked really hard at holiday cookery and failed, in every sense of the word, especially if this person watches you eat her....for lack of a better word....food, waiting rapturously to see your reaction?

Not that I'm referring to a specific incident, but it is possible that a concoction introducing itself as "Mint Chocolate Ganache Cupcake" just assaulted my tongue tasting like a spearmint plant came to life, disguised itself as licorice, and murdered an innocent chocolate bar, hid the body in a wad of wonderbread and then buried the evidence in my mouth.


I literally almost spit (this hypothetical treat) out, but my dear sweet (hypothetical) coworker —bless her heart— was watching with the puppiest look on her face. She asked me how it tasted, and I said, "Thank you."

Merry Christmas?

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