I've been dithering for YEARS about a second tattoo, to represent my older son, since the one I have represents my younger boy. Now I'm facing the knee replacement in about 6 weeks, and although I've found some things online that say it's ok to get a tattoo after surgery as long as you take an antibiotic (similar to getting dental work done), I'm sort of jonesing to get it now. But I want it fully healed before the surgery so that doesn't leave me much time, which means if I do it I'd have to do it at a different place where I got my other one, because I need someplace where I don't have to make an appointment and wait weeks. But I'm sort of nervous about making a quick decision about it (I waited a whole year after deciding on an image to get my first one).

AND!! I'm still having second thoughts about getting it at all, and the biggest hesitation is what other people will think and I HATE HATE HATE that I'm letting that hold me back. But I'm too old and not cool enough and blah blah blah to get another tattoo. My inner voice is a bitch. None of my IRL friends are particularly approving of them anyway. That also means I don't have anyone to go with me if I get one and I really liked having company last time (it was someone I'm no longer friends with).