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Tattoo Advice

I know there are a lot of inked folks around these parts and I would like some advice from you all.

I've ALWAYS wanted a tattoo. Every since I was in high school. I could never think of anything that I permanently wanted on my body. After baby #1, some lingering PPD issues to worth thru, and all the unwanted body changes the former causes, I wanted to do something for my body. So I'm gonna do it. I've always wanted a sailor style swallow tattoo, similar to those (you're welcome for the boobs).

There are a few personal reasons I'd like a swallow tattoo.

- Both my grandfathers were sailors in WWII in the Navy so I like the idea to remember them (they have both passed away 10+ years ago)


- Swallows mate for life and represent someone who is loyal to their friends and family always returning home to them. Also because big bird and I are high school sweethearts we are kind of actually mating for life (I figure since this isn't the only reason I'm not dooming us to divorce)

- This one isn't quite so pleasant but in Greek mythology Philomela is transferred into a swallow by Zeus to escape her rapist. I'd like to escape the memories of my assault someday. It will be a reminder I escaped.

So I'm set on the tattoo but placement is something I'm having a hard time committing to. I likely won't ever have many tattoos and I work in corporate America so I really should be able to cover it up in most clothing. How did you decide where to get your tattoos? I keep thinking some placements would end up being judged as trashy (tramp stamp I'm looking at you) but I really have no clue if I should give a shit or not. So any advice is super appreciated!

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