So I’ve been inspired by a J.K. Rowling quote for quite some time, and I’ve been contemplating getting a tattoo of it for the last few months. Now that I’ve dealt with(am dealing with) this miscarriage(see background: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3) I am ready to start actually talking to an artist/designing the tattoo.

(HARRY POTTER SPOILER COMING, as if anyone who cares much hasn’t already read the books)

The quote is “The things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.” It is said by Luna Lovegood to Harry after Sirius falls through The Veil. The veil is supposed to be an ancient stone archway of sorts. It is free standing, but it’s supposed to look like it could crumble any moment. There is also a veil hanging from it that looks as if it were just recently disturbed, so just barely fluttering around.

I think I want a tattoo of The Veil, not the one from the movie, but an artists representation of the one described in the book. I am tempted to try and include some of Luna’s imagery(radishes, spectra specs, rabbit patronus, etc) mostly to lighten it up and evoke her whimsical way of thinking. I have thought about including the resurrection stone somehow(I don’t really want the full blown deathly hallows). I also think I might want to incorporate the last words “...if not always in the way we expect” but I’m not 100% on anything at this point.

Anyone super awesome at art/design have an opinion? Will this tattoo be horrible, gross, and morbid? I am calling a really well respected tattoo artist tomorrow to set an appointment. There is a good chance it will be at least a few weeks, if not months before she has an opening to do any actual inking of my skin.

Thanks for any advice you’ve got GT. I’m doing okay all things considered. Today I felt bitter all day. I felt like babies were everywhere, and none of their parents were as good as I would have been. Or one person had like 4 kids, and I was like “fuck you for getting to have 4 kids while I’m actively miscarrying the single one I wanted.” I was being a total jerk in my head, but sometimes you just gotta feel those feels before you can move on. Also, the idea that any number of women could be walking around me every day going through a physical process that’s this hellish is...jarring?...terrifying?...depressing? to say the least.