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Tattoo Artist Suggestions?

Hello all you people who know things about tattoos and tattoo artists,

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. By which I mean, I want one really badly but am also quite particular about aesthetic things. So while I might love the one in my mind, I'm nervous about finding a tattoo artist who can do what I want.

I want a nature tattoo. Think #3, #23, and #27 from this Buzzfeed list in terms of style. Realistic black/white/grey with some gradated color (purple) in parts. Finely detailed. I don't like the more typical tattoo look with flat areas of color and thick lines. They can be absolutely beautiful on other people, but it's just not for me.


Any artist suggestions? The DC area would be my first choice, but I could get to NYC if I really fell in love with someone's work. And I go to school close to Columbus, OH, so that could also be possible. It seems like everyone whose work I love lives in eastern Europe!

P.S. Why do so many artists have poorly formatted online portfolios?

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