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So last night I did another couple hours at the tattoo place! (Here's the first post) We only got one of the book pages done, which is sad. She still had a lot of drawing (like, over an hour's worth) to do when I got there. But hey, we want it to be right.

I had to make so many decisions about colors that I wasn't really prepared for. All the pages have so many different colors in them. For the thistles themselves we went with something more purple and less pink than the real-life thistle colors. I feel a little bad about this, but I looooove purple and I abhor pinky-purple (plain pink is cool, though). I think the way she colored them is so gorgeous!

Here's where we're at! My posture isn't the best in this pic so the bee & wheat page looks smaller than it really is.


And here's a close-up view of the parts we actually finished:

Also, that fish is fucking adorable, no?

So here's my question for you all:

Do we leave the rest of the thistles (stems, leaves, etc.) in grayscale or do we add some green? I'm kind of leaning towards some dark green in the darkly shaded areas only. Maybe these pics aren't the best to judge, since there is some redness still in the places where we added more shading.

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