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Tattoos (of the temporary kind) opinions.

I am working with Tattly at the moment to source some tattoos, and I am having trouble making a decision. It’s gonna be ELEMENTS!

I wasn’t considering these but I noticed that one of my prints was pinned like 8K times on Pinterest (that’s exceptionally high for me). When I looked into it, I saw that the vast majority of people were pinning it to tattoo boards. So, I thought, why not offer a temporary tattoo version.


So, that I will do, probably as a single or set of two. My question is about elements. The periodic table is by far and away what sells and I’d like to capitalize on that. I would like to do Neon, Silver and Gold as individual elements—the silver and gold will be metallic. I would like to do a pack of four and I am curious if it would be best to do two Neon with the Gold/Silver or Neon with Gold, Silver and Carbon (which would be black).

I can’t do copper, because they don’t offer copper metallic ink (I am, however, costing out the three metallics as prints with foil, yay!). I am not sure if it’s perhaps better to have more color. Or, am I totally missing an element that would be better?

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