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Tax advice for contract work?

So, prior to this year I've always had really easy taxes, but this year I did $1000 in contract work for a local company and so of course my taxes are much more complicated. I have some questions for you tax experts:

1. Can I still use TurboTax, assuming I have all the numbers and expenses?

2. If I'm taking the home office credit (the simplified version is $5 per square foot of your house and it includes utilities), can I still take a deduction for Internet? Or is that considered a utility?


3. What counts as "proof" that I used a percentage of my Internet connection for business? I have copies of the bills, if I get audited do I just show them that we had email correspondence?

4. Can I also take a deduction for my phone? Same question as above - what counts as "proof" that I used my phone for business? How do I figure the percentage of the bill that was used for business?

5. The company I did contract work for hasn't sent me a 1099 yet. Should I call them, or just file without it since I already know how much they paid me?

6. Are you allowed to claim as many deductions as apply, or can you only claim deductions up to a percentage of what you made?


Thanks so much in advance to anyone who took the time to advise me!

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