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I just filed my taxes. Christ on a cracker.

I try to ignore the amount of taxes I pay on my pay stubs as it makes me want to cry/vomit. Seeing the grand total for the year is just obnoxious. (35% of my check goes to federal/state taxes.) I would actually be okay with this amount (even more), if we actually received real services/benefits from our money - universal health care, education, a living wage, consumer protections, etc.


I really wish we had a way to allocate our tax dollars to the cost strings we wanted to pay for directly either by percentage or whole dollars. For example, I want X% to go to scientific research, X% to go to infrastructure, X% to go to universal health care, etc. I know it is a fantasy, and there are necessary things that I don’t want to pay for (maybe someone else does?), but damn, can’t we get better stewardship of our money? And I REALLY don’t want to pay for IQ45's weekly golf outings.

I know I am incredibly privileged to make the salary and benefits that I do. I just wish my share of taxes went to ensure that others could have the same.

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