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Tax/Legal Advice?

Are there any accountants and/or tax lawyers in the house? I have...issues.

1. My previous accountant did some shady stuff with our taxes, and then flat out just didn't file our taxes last year. His phone is disconnected, his emails bounce back, and we couldn't afford to see an accountant when we found all this out due to finance issues. My heart just about exploded when I got a letter a couple of days ago from the IRS saying I owe $1700 in business taxes for 2012...BUT I DIDN'T WORK A SINGLE DAY IN 2012. I EARNED NO INCOME. I am...I have no idea wtf is going on and I don't know what to do.


2. I was paid under the table for a job in 2013. I made sure to invoice weekly for the work, because the employer paid me with company checks and (long story short) she is most devious, greedy, narcissistic bitch on the planet. Anyway, when I found an above board job a few months later, she flipped the fuck out (because I took a job with a former partner of hers with whom she had a falling out...eight years ago, that I had nothing to do with), seized all of my paperwork, and was so brutal in her verbal abuse that I had to leave the office to avoid further harassment.

FF to last Friday: I get an email from her bookkeeper demanding my SSN & address for a 1099. I refuse, on the basis that my paperwork was seized, I have no way of verifying the amount that she reports to go to the 1099, and I'm not going to open myself up to that kind of tax liability. Once she forwards me the paperwork, I'll provide the information (I cc'ed the former employer on this note as well). No response.


I emailed the bookkeeper on Monday to ask if she was provided with the paperwork and if she could please forward it to me so we can resolve this. No response.

I emailed the former employer again yesterday requesting the paperwork. No response.


I called the bookkeeper today. No response.

I have two questions about this issue:

1. What do I do now? What if she never provides me with the paperwork? What can I do (or should I) find a way to compel her to give it up? I am seriously worried about taxes and reporting this income.


2. This woman actually was an aboveboard employer of mine in 2006 and 2007. So she (or the bookkeeper) most likely still has my SSN from W2s for those years, or my original W4 (if not my current address). What if she just takes my SSN from those documents without my knowledge and has a 1099 prepared with an old address? (I KNOW she doesn't have my current one). This scenario has me freaked the fucked out - because not only would my SSN be taken without my consent, but a 1099 would be filed that would, in all probability, never get to me, so I can't even put it with my tax papers.


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