Did you guys get yours? What did you do with it?

I put one quarter in savings, one quarter in retirement fund, one quarter to pay off my credit card bill...leaving ONE QUARTER FOR SPENDING!

Things I have bought thus far (with pictures, wheeee):

-The Elder Scrolls Online. I did it, I fell for their eliminate the subscription fees thing. MMORPGs are terrible for me (such a time suck), but I couldn't resist. Anyone else playing?

-ABT tickets. I had already bought myself season tickets for my birthday, but added on Sleeping Beauty tickets and Julie Kent's farewell performance with refund money. Here is a cool picture from the NYT article on the new SB production (pic of them making the set).


-Ballet stuff. New leotard, book (Gretchen Ward's Classical Ballet Technique) and these nifty ombre tights! I still want a custom leo, so that is the last thing I'll get.