So I recently found out my internship is actually a part-time contracting job, technically. And I've never had to file taxes before and I have no idea how this works. What do I do??

It's also complicated by the fact that I work another part-time job that pays me next to nothing but isn't a contracting job like this one. It's such little money that I've always been too low income to pay taxes before but now it's all different and all the websites trying to explain it are so complicated. And now I make money but not enough to drop a couple hundred on getting someone to explain taxes to me. I read something about quarterly taxes - it's March now so am I supposed to do something about that?! I don't even know. I'm confused. :( HELP

ETA: This might be a false panic because I might be wrong and actually be an employee which makes life easier plus Boyrax told me that taxes only apply to the last calendar year and I started working for him in January anyway so I would go without filing taxes again this year I think.