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Taxis for her, female recruiters of ISIS, crazy MSCL reveals, reddit, gamergate, and bill murray

I'm not like most girls. I'm more like one of the guys, in that I have guy friends, and we get along, except when we don't. You wouldn't understand.

I'm not like most girls. I never played with Barbie dolls. I had Spiderman and Luke Skywalker action figures, and they lived in a Pink Dream House together, but that's it.

I'm not like most girls. I menstruate glitter.

I'm not like most girls. I hate wearing makeup. I'd rather wear the blood of my enemies.

I'm not like most girls. I don't get wigged out over spiders or cockroaches, because I have learned to master them as a species, and have them do my bidding.

Vulture did some fun My So Called Life pieces. An interview with Wilson Cruz/Ricky, some major potential plot points revealed by Winnie Holzman, and Rayanne is the best.

Today in cognitive dissonance.


Taxicabs, but for her!


The female recruiters of ISIS.


VOX explains gamergate lol but here's a good explanation of why most of it is dumb.


Why Bill Murray quit acting.

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