A friend just posted this article on her facebook. Since her last controversial posting was ignored, i think it emboldened her to post another controversial thing. However, i do think Mr. Schaeffer is harsh, but pretty dead on with his critique. The mixing of politics with conservative religious faith is very problematic and while, per an earlier post of mine, i understand how it happened. It's still not something that we should be encouraging, for a whole host reasons.

Healthy, insightful comments welcomed! Here's the most damaging quote from the blog post:

Future elections aside the Tea Party has so wrecked the religious right/evangelical brand name that they have managed to do to the evangelical brand what decades of child molestation and cover-ups did to the Roman Catholic brand. One good pope – and Francis is a good pope – isn’t going to restore the lost trust anytime soon. Most standup comic Catholic jokes still will involve buggered altar boys for decades to come. The long term decline of the Roman Catholic Church’s good name is irreversible. And so may be the evangelical brand.