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As a child, my mother and I would have tea parties and I would be called Miss Irissilla and we'd talk about Mister Bigglesworth coming to our house (This was around the time that I've both watched Pride and Prejudice and Austen Powers). I loved everything about those moments from watching the milk diffuse in the tea to dipping the cookies in the tea to get it soggy enough to eat but not soggy enough to drop into the teacup. I suppose that is why I am so heavily invested in the moments when I sit down and have a few cups of tea in the morning.

I've been having my tea loose-leaf for a while now, and it's been a real step above my experiences with bagged tea. I find the tea-making experience with loose-leaf tea very soothing. I have issues with anxiety, and stuff like this really helps me slow down a bit and get myself calm enough not to worry myself into a corner.I also admit that I enjoy letting my anglophillic id come out to play.


That is where Twining's earl grey tea comes into play. I used to think I wouldn't like earl grey because I didn't quite know what bergamot was and everyone says that it's an acquired taste.I took the plunge, however, when I realized that Earl Grey was the tea that Jean Luc (Motherfucking) Picard drank, and my captain would never steer me wrong. I tried it, and I really liked it.It's kind of perfumey, which I can imagine being overpowering, but I liked it.Since then, I've always had earl grey when I wanted tea, but something special. All of these experiences, however, have been with the bagged kind. Cue my delight when, a few weeks ago, I discovered that they sold earl grey in loose form at my local ShopRite!

I am pretty sure that Downton Abbey-fueled anglophillia and the emerging tea culture in America is behind this, but who am I to complain about fairly inexpensive loose earl grey tea at the supermarket? I bought it immediately, and it's been a delight to have. As usual, it has that perfumey taste that lingers after your teapot is empty. I do not mind it, but I can imagine it becoming a bit too much were I to have this tea on a long-term basis. They were also selling the English Breakfast tea at ShopRite, which I will be purchasing once this tin runs out.The tin holds 100 grams of leaves, and a little goes a long way, so it'll be a while until this earl's abdication.


Brand: Twinings of London

Tea: Earl Grey

Best With: 2% Milk, Honey, Anglophilia

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