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Tea with Jam (no bread)

Last week I got a seven litre basket of sour cherries from The West End Food Coop in Toronto, and spent a week making lots of stuff out of cherries. As I was casting around for different things to try, I came across a recipe for Russian Sour Cherry Preserves on a blog. The Bloger said that in Russia, it is traditional drink black tea, with saucer full of this preserve on the side, and to stake a sip of tea followed by a spoonful of jam.

I asked a Russian friend if it was good, and his response was essentially "Do it!"

So now I am sitting here with a cup of black tea and a little dish of sour cherry preserves. It feels so very decadent. I normally take my tea with milk and sugar, but with the sweetness of the preserve in my mouth, I don't feel I need it,


Next up on the preserving front, raspberry habenaro jam.

I also picked up some more cherries, sour and sweet, today from my local farmer's market, so if anybody has any good cherry recipes, I will appreciate them.

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