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Teach the Children Well

By which I mean PLEASE for the love of God, White people, take proactive steps to teach your children to never be these little assholes. WTF???

Dumb? Ignorant? Is it me or is there a word missing? The most “unfortunate” part of this story (besides the extra uterus-defining trousers on the one in the middle) is that the district only suspended these girls for 5 days. FIVE DAYS. Because after all, they were contributing to rigorous academic debate right?



Maybe we can start by not protecting them from the consequences of their flagrant bullshit...

According to Twitter (who has already named three of them and will no doubt doxx the rest by the time I’m done writing this), these girls are seniors and President Obama spoke their nationally academically ranked high school when the girls were sophomores.


I also note that this happened in Arizona, a state that voted to ban ethnic studies. Way to educate. Can’t wait for all the old-timey racists to die so this new generation can be in charge.


ETA: So some context has been uncovered. Apparently they were part of a larger group wearing t-shirts that spelled out something about the senior class and these six geniuses decided to break off and take this pic and put it on Twitter because LOL!!!


Yeah, still not ok. Like at all.

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