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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Teachers, Give Me Your Knowledge -Thanks, everyone!

Hello, this is my first post since getting privileges.

So, I am finally going to be finishing my B.A. and getting my teaching certification (for elementary school) this year. This is after starting college late due to AmeriCorps, dropping out of school to go work in Alaska, and returning to school after many years of working manual labor.


I will be starting student teaching in August, and am getting ready to take my content exams (RICA and CSET) in the next few months.

I am really nervous.

Current teachers, please give me guidance on:

  • Things you wish you knew before student teaching.
  • Good lesson plan resources.
  • Or even your own lesson plans that you love.
  • Thoughts on visible tattoos on teachers (I have a forearm tattoo, a nerdy literary one, but I am prepared to wear cardigans for the rest of my life.)
  • Strategies for tricking my host teacher(s) into thinking that I am a normal human.
  • If you have experience with both, compare working in a private school vs. a public school.

You know you'd rather do this than grade papers right now.

Update: Thank you for all the words of support and advice. Feeling less nervous already.


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