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Teachers what the what?

Marking essays. My best student literally used my entire lecture to write their research essay. There is no new information, they don’t quote me, but there are analogies that I use, that no text uses. They basically cited me and my comparsions, but without citing me. I know lectures are considered common knowledge, but it’s almost a transcript. They have sources, but they did zero citation in their essay.

And I have two students who have basically the same introduction, and I’ve caught one of them doing group work on solo projects before.

Most can’t cite anything. Like they’ve used google, and cited X Book, published by Google books. There’s no page numbers on their printed sources.


It’s so bad. So bad.

I assumed they’d look a the reference links I gave them, But no. I got hyperlinks as references.

I have never seen a second year essay this sloppy and I have 15 of them.

There’s some instant fails there.

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