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Teachers Who Quit On You? Happen To Anyone?

I had totally forgotten this. Today we saw a Drivers Ed car with a student and teacher inside. My mother said “recall how yours quit saying he had a family and the job was not worth it?”.

I had fogotten then I recalled it. The driving teacher was rather new to the job. I was new to driving like my fourth time behind the wheel. He decided to take me out on the highway.

Now my mother avoids the highway with a passion. She will take country and roads through towns before she takes the highway. The school bus did use the highway but really who pays attention to the bus driver driving.


So I got on the highway. That was easy. Then we were on for about a mile when this car pulled in front of us from the other lane. I suspect the driver wanted to make an Exit, this occurs to me now not then. So the driver pulled in front of us.

I responded by hitting the brake. I suddenly heard a scream, not from me, “DON’T EVER HIT THE BRAKES ON A HIGHWAY”. It was not like we stopped for more then a second. . He had me take the Exit pull over and he drove us back to the school. We were down one driving instructor.

Did your driving teacher or any teacher quit teaching due to you or just quit teaching you?

He could have told me ahead of time not to do this. He assumed I knew. How? No idea.


I need to take a refresher in driving with fibro and stress I have not driven this century. My doctor and mother believe this is a must even if its to the grocery store and home. Driving scares me so much even prior I had others drive me almost all the time. I got into an accident first week with my liscence I hit a cemetary fence, I took a turn and hit gas instead of brakes. In my dreams for years the fence was a child not a fence. Maybe because my late grandmother said I was lucky hitting a fence and not a child.

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