So in my years of lurking and months of posting, I've noticed that a lot of us are bi (the forgotten letter on the GLBT spectrum) and are pretty serious about it (or at least frustrated by not having our orientation being taken seriously). In light of Ubertrout's AMAZING post this morning, I thought I'd do a little check-in to see who else is out there. Feel free to share any related stories, anecdotes or frustrations about navigating the world as a bisexual person.

BTW: It TOTALLY counts if you're attracted to both genders but haven't done anything about it. Your orientation isn't dependent on what you have or haven't done (otherwise, every drunk sorority girl ever is bisexual and just. no.).

ETA: I came out as bi to my then girlfriend at 19. My attractions seem to swing between guys and girls, but every time I feel like I might be settling, I meet someone who reminds me that, no, I'm definitely bi.