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Welcome To The Bitchery

Team Cat or Team Dog: Let's All Agree To Be Team Less Poop Please

I had high hopes that my cat's New Year's Resolution might be "poop in the litterbox" but current evidence suggests elsewise.

He has somehow figured out how to pull sheets of stickers from my craft drawer and is using them to thoughtfully bury his carpet poop. He also used them to bury a flavor of catfood he found distasteful. If I wake up with stickers on my face, I will be deeply offended. It's distressing because in addition to generally disliking fecal matter in my living room, I had other plans for those particular banana scented scratch -n-sniff monkey stickers. Although, now that they are covered in shit they most likely smell more accurate. Tomorrow, I will stick some toilet paper in the craft drawer and see if he takes the hint.

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Ugh. That face. He's not even sorry and I'm not even mad.

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