Two months ago, I posted about becoming a member of team dog (already a devoted member of team cat). Then ibposted about my beloved baby dog's surgery. All of you were amazing with tips and advice. Well Saturday, we got a new little girl. I will post pictures when I get a chance. I named her Cookie (after Empire character) because she has survived some rough stuff. She is a little over a year and has already had two previous families, a litter, and been on the streets. But she is a good girl, smart and still loves people. All she wants out of life is to sleep in my lap. I am currently on Spring Break so I do spend a lot of time with her right now. Any tips from all you team dog members on how to make the transition to next week easier? Next week she will be with other dog for 8 hours. The two dogs get along and play so I hope that will keep her company. I will of course leave toys and chew items. Additional tips? Oh wait, here is a picture of both dogs. She is the tan one.