Ok I’ll start with the mundane first. Y’all. For the past three plus weeks I have had the worst stuffed up nose. No amount of nose blowing relieves it. No meds help. Guys. Sleep is a terrible affair— I can’t sleep for more than an hour or so at a time, if I’m lucky. I have to mouth breathe with dries out my mouth which makes it hard to breathe which leads to me waking up suddenly, gasping for air.

So... Neti pot. Yes I am using distilled water and a salt solution. Used it yesterday for the first time ever, and it seemed to help. Tried again today, no dice. No water came out the other side. Nothing happened. What am I doing wrong? Help.

ANYWAY, in other, far more important news.

Dog Tv. I repeat, Dog TV. this is a thing and it is amazing. Apparently it’s an actual channel, butI have stumbled upon a bunch of clips on YouTube. I found is because uh....... Heh. I’m a loser.

Our puppy loves this shit. Straight up drops everything and goes straight to the screen. He gets so happy and excited, but not crazy excited. Just... Totally engaged. I highly recommend. Puppy gives it four paws up.

Bonus pic of our beloved enjoying his new program:


Ok, I added two pics, cause he’s so stinkin cute.