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So I've been very, very down lately. Actually, I've been down for two years and seem to be imploding after finally getting some of my shit together. I'm drowning in self loathing and self sabotage.


My boyfriend is 3000 miles away, my parents are 3000 miles away, my brother is 5 hours by car and apparently suicidal, and most of my friends have graduated. I'm not doing terrific. I've been thinking that something cuddly and loving will be good for me not only because I can get some cuddles but also because I'll need to take care of myself to take care of it, and that seems healthy psychologically right now. BUUUUUT, my building won't accept the kinds of dogs I've had all my life and prefer, and I don't have the time to offer a puppy. I'm told kitties are far more independent and suited to apartment life and a busy pet-mommy. But I was raised by dog obsessed parents in a family where everyone is allergic, including me although I'm good with kitties as long as I don't touch my face after touching kitty. Fellowology is a cat person, hugely, and kitties are an inevitability in my future, so getting the allergy situation straight is necessary anyhow. Might as well start!

I'm overwhelmed though. I know how to find a doggie: search for reputable breeders, drive out to breeder and watch how puppies interact, return again and observe interaction, have conversations with breeders about their genetic screening and the history of the parents and grandparents, pay a month's rent for a puppy, go home and get unconditional loyalty and love for 10 years. I have no clue what kitties need, how to find a good kitty, what types of kitties there are, how to pick a good kitty from a litter, what kind of attention or orientation a new kitten needs. Can anyone help? I've been searching for "new kitten starter kits" and all I get are ads for litter boxes. Is it okay to get a $20 kitten from Craigslist? Or is that sketchy? What questions do I ask? ACK

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