This is a story about a cat. A cat that looks kinda like this:

My former neighbor (referred to henceforth as FN) has been a live-in caretaker for his mother for a couple of years now. FN’s mom (FNM) spent most of this year in various rehab facilities (she’s quite elderly), and she’s not coming home now; she’s going to be in assisited-living places from now on. Not being able to afford to stay in FNM’s house, FN had to move. He was able to place his dog in the Humane Society’s no-kill shelter; she’s currently being fostered with a MHS volunteer.

FNM’s cat (referred to henceforth as Kitty, because that’s her name) freaked out when her dog friend left, and dashed out the door the first chance she got. FN made every attempt possible to catch her for the 3 weeks before he had to leave, but was unsuccessful.

Kitty was around (not constantly) for maybe 3 weeks after he left, and then she just vanished for about 3 weeks. We had - and are still having - a beautiful, relatively warm autumn ‘round these parts, so things weren’t too bad for her. She started making occasional appearances again, and looked pretty well-fed. Her collar was gone, for whatever that’s worth.

This past Wednesday, she started spending lots of time around her old home again. Yesterday, a friend of FNM (I recognized the woman, so I know she wasn’t bullshitting about that) came by with a male friend trying to catch Kitty, but they failed.


This morning, Kitty showed up around 8:45 AM and stayed around for 3 hours watching me rake and bag leaves. She would come up to the fence and meow at me, then go sun herself. I didn’t have any food for her, but I did put a plastic bowl of water out for her.

A little before 2 PM, FNM’s friend showed up, bringing a young couple with her. FNM’s friend told me that the couple were going to give Kitty a new home with them and their other cat, who apparently looks a lot like Kitty. Finding Kitty under the deck at the rear of the house, the couple spread out a blanket on the ground and began to coax her out from under the deck. They had a bag of cat food with them, and they began to feed Kitty a piece at a time, then, when she finally emerged, let her eat from a bowl while they petted her. After a good 15 minutes making Kitty comfortable, they wrapped her in the blanket and carried her to their waiting cat carrier. They spent another few minutes keeping her calm before putting her into their SUV and driving off.

tl/dr: Kitty has a new home tonight, and won’t have to spend a 2nd night in below-freezing temps.