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tear gas already being used ETA: updates

Seeing live coverage with tear gas shot at protesters.

Fox 2 has live-streaming available:


KMOV 4 also has live-streaming available:


I think it's the protesters near the Ferguson police station, but not sure as the audio is the president's statement.

Edited: news helicopter confirms tear gas at protesters near Ferguson pd. He said that there were people trying to shake/overturn a police car and break its windows. Helicopter footage showed people trying to overturn the car and the rear window broken out.


Helicopter crew says can't tell if smoke or tear gas

Nope, news crew says can catch whiff of tear gas smell

Windows being broken at a Chinese restaurant

9:30 pm - some looting starting on South Florissant; tactical vehicles in use and cops in riot gear


9:38 pm - police cruiser set afire

10pm - more looting on South Florissant, 2nd police cruiser on fire (how many cop cars were left just sitting around unmanned?)


10:05 - news station legal team says thousands of pages of court proceedings to get through; reading through Wilson's testimony - says he considered using mace, does not carry taser, considered using baton, but wanted to block himself from being hit by Brown. says only option left to him was to use his gun. (BBUUUUULLLLSHIT)

10:17pm - a Walgreens is on fire; protesters have blocked interstate 44 in South City (not the same area as Ferguson - quite a ways southeast and in St. Louis City and not St. Louis County)


10:20pm - news copter shows a pizza restaurant also up in flames

10:28pm - stl city cops starting to try to break up protesters blocking I-44 at South Grand; another building on West Florissant on fire


Fire dept in Ferguson says they have too many fires to handle

10:36pm - residents in Ferguson pissed off that National Guard is not there, even though Gov. Nixon promised them support (Natl Guard is guarding the county courts area in Clayton). Not sure why people trust anything the gov says, as he's a piece of shit.


10:42pm - protesters blocking I-44 seem to have decided to leave (without any police violence); Walgreens that was on fire is now being looted

10:58pm - South City protesters are walking down South Grand (I think towards Tower Grove Park). City cops behind them. There seems to be no violence between this group of protesters and City PD.


11:17pm - reports of some property damage in Shaw neighborhood in South City. Broken windows, etc. No indication of looting or fires.


11:42pm - tear gas and tactical vehicles in South City Shaw Neighborhood; some looting


1am - Ferguson mayor says 5 buildings in Delwood (adjacent to Ferguson) also on fire, cars at dealership on fire, mayor says he and county executive have both tried to get National Guard to assist. No response from National Guard.

1:07am - dbag gov Nixon has announced he's sending more National Guard to help Ferguson (as there are NONE in Ferguson, any would be an improvement); more tear gas and tactical vehicles and riot gear in South City.

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