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Tech and Tech-Adjacent Crowdsourcing: Brogrammer Stories

Friends, I need your help. I'm working on an article for Pmag about brogrammers. While I have a handful of decent anecdotes from my own experiences, I know that there are many more stories out there (and in here) to tell.

First, for obvious reasons, I should spell out that being a man who is also a programmer does not automatically make one a brogrammer. Most of the programmers I know are awesome, open-minded, friendly, helpful people. I've even let a programmer or two see my boobs. I can say with great authority that not all programmers are brogrammers. I can even say that not all brogrammers are men, I've met a handful of women that exemplify the characteristics of a brogrammer with more sound and fury than any male brogrammer I've encountered. Now that we've established we're not painting with too broad a brush, I want to hear your brogrammer stories.


Some disclaimer-type stuff - I'll credit you by your GT screen name with a link to your comment here in GT, unless you ask me to do it another way. (Which I'm open to, just let me know.)

If you are currently talking to your HR department or any other authority about the issue you want to write about, I'd advise you not to join in unless your situation is resolved.


Don't give me anything that might be personally identifiable, about either yourself or the brogrammer, unless you are entirely comfortable doing so. My intention is to shine some light on the situation as a whole, not put any individual person on trial. (Plus, Pmag can afford roughly fifteen minutes of legal advice per year.)

I'll run the final piece here in GT, as well as on Pmag.

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