I will be taking back my maiden name as soon as I can with the divorce, so assuming all goes well and Asshole doesn't delay things too much, September/October.

I know, Excited Baby, I KNOW. Think of all the slutty Halloween costumes I could wear as a single person! Not that I will, but hey, I COULD.

Currently, my email is FistnameMiddlenameMarriedname@gmail.com. (Because I'm a FUCKING PROFESSIONAL ADULT, BITCHEZ.) I would like to be able to change that to FirstnameMiddlenameMaidenname@gmail.com (this address is actually one that I have already created), or at least something that doesn't involve seeing my abuser's name connected with mine for the rest of eternity. So, how do I go about doing that gracefully and efficiently? I know I can't just change my email address (if only! Get on that, google! Make it so I can just say, "Yo, Google, I wanna change my email address!" And then you take care of transferring everything over automatically and sending a mass email to all my contacts saying what the new on is. Wouldn't that be nice? I mean, I know that no one would ever use such a feature. It's not as if thousands of people legally change their names every day and therefore need to change their email addresses.).


Is there a way to just transfer everything to the new address easily? And then set up an automatic forward for the doofuses who can't ever change their address books? But then my google account is still under the old name. Can I just create a totally new google account and transfer stuff over? Can I shift my "main" address over to the new one? I just, frankly, don't want to have to look at that old name ever again, if I can help it. And if I ever get married again (doubtful, since getting married first requires getting a fucking date which is never gonna happen ever), I'm keeping my name. And if he gets all butthurt about it, I'm not marrying him because he's not the guy for me.


This should really be easy, shouldn't it? It shouldn't be something I have to go searching for info on.