And, holy pink fuzzy shitballs, y'all.. I need to talk about something that has no beneficial value.

Maybe eventual comedic value, though. Yesterday, I bought this because ever since my hair has been ombre, I've been toying with the idea of rockin' a lighter cinnamon-y shade. I looked over tons of before and afters for different lightening products, and the L'Oreal seemed like the best bet. BUT NOW I'M FREAKING OUT. Because what if I go brassy? What if I end up with tangerine hair? What's gonna happen to all the colors in my hair now? What if I kill my hair, and it all falls out? What if it looks horrible with my pale pale skin? Omg. What if I look paler. Is that possible? Think of all the off-white walls I could blend into.. OOH. Superpower.

I mean, I'm gonna do it. I just seem to have misplaced my spine.

(Feel free to jump in with any random anything.)