Today my Firefox browser inexplicably died. I use it at work because our IE is hilariously out of date. We’re not allowed to update it until IT updates it (it has to be compatibility tested against our work programs, I guess). But if you want to use the internet for literally anything else, you can’t, including a lot of work-adjacent browsing and just generally screwing around. IT knows that most people have alt browsers installed but it is technically not sanctioned. So, I cannot go to them for support on this.

I was using it this morning to read ask a manager while eating breakfast. I cleared my browser and closed it. I experienced no issues. I went to open FF later and got a crash error.

I get this repeatedly if I select “restart.” I get it if I close the browser and reopen it. At one point I was offered an option to do a factory restore of sorts, but even that version continues to crash. I cannot even uninstall it to reinstall it. I downloaded chrome, which is how I am here now. It’s fine. I’d rather have FF. Especially since it doesn’t want me, apparently. I just don’t like unsolved mysteries, and I’d especially like to not have a potentially (??) weird, broken program on this computer.

Advice? Halp??