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Technology Rant Listicle (Not directed at a GTer, mainly frustation with my mother)


-You are not better than me because you don't have a Facebook or cancelled your Facebook, I don't have Facebook fights, or annoying acquaintances because I have better taste in people than you do. (Or I'm better at blocking older family friends)

-Yes I have a Twitter. No I'm not 13. Yes I post random thoughts I have. You know what else it does lets me follow business's and network, and keep an eye on my industry. It also brings attention to important issues that would normally go undiscussed


-Yes I have an Instagram. It makes me prettier when I use a filter. It's also an extra free back-up for the most important photos. Or pictures of my cat who is adorable I agree.

-Yes I have a Pinterest. Hey remember that recipe you wanted me to save for you. Found it in 10 seconds. How's digging through all your bookmarks, or trying to find that recipe you printed working out?

-No, you're phone doesn't magically know it's you. You need to know your log-ins or passwords for the sites you use. At least for the first time.

-No the fact that you have stuff saved in 3 different places isn't the new computer's fault it's because you keep saving things in random places rather than one set place.


-No Google Page isn't a real thing. You mean Google+.

-No #notallcraigslistjobs are scams. Same as how CareerBuilder has plenty of scam jobs. You need to be a discerning adult.


-Referring to wi-fi as "internet shooting through the air" is confusing please just say wi-fi. It's right there on your phone.

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